What activities are available?

We are offering a wide range of activities, across multiple facilities predominantly in and around the east Manchester area. These vary by type, suitable age, location, date and time and have been compiled to offer inspiration for local children to use our facilities during the school holidays. Please see What’s On? on each individual facility page for full details.

How much does each activity cost?

Cost varies according to your preferred session; however we are confident that we have suitable activities for even the most challenging of budgets, including some free activities. There are also concessionary prices for MCR residents (if you pay your council tax to Manchester City Council) at some sessions and locations. So, please look out for these prices, and bring proof of residency to qualify. Please see How Much? on each individual facility page for full details.

Who is responsible for delivering the school holiday activities?

Eastlands Trust are the lead organisation responsible for delivering Super Active holiday activities.

We’re a company limited by guarantee with not for profit status managing a broad portfolio of sports facilities across Manchester. We’re here to help everyone achieve more; whether this is providing access to some of the world’s leading sporting facilities, supporting communities to lead a healthier lifestyle or helping every individual reach their full potential.

Eastlands Trust are also working in partnership with some other local organisations to deliver certain activities, e.g. East Manchester Rangers Rugby League Club and Manchester FA. All coaches, instructors and leaders are suitably qualified.

Who will be coaching / running or staffing sessions?

Members of our team are experienced, qualified and appropriately screened to look after your child.

What happens if we need to cancel a promoted activity?

In the event that any unforeseen circumstances result in cancellation of specific sessions, parents or carers will be notified at the earliest opportunity via the emergency contact information included on your registration form. A notice will also be posted within the main reception area.

What to do if you want to cancel attendance of an activity / camp?

Due to high demand for holiday activities, we encourage participants to book onto sessions as early as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds if you are unable to attend on the day.

Attendance (for pre-registered camps or activities)?

In order to ensure the safety of your child, you will be asked to complete a registration form when booking your child onto the programme. This is so we have appropriate details relating to the child’s health, emergency contacts and other relevant information in order to care for your child.

For camps, you will be asked daily by a member of staff to complete a register. You will also be required to sign this upon collection of your child at the end of the session.

Please advise the facility as soon as possible if your child is ill or otherwise unable to attend the programme, or will be more than 15 minutes late for the start of the session. See the contact telephone number for each individual facility.

Please endeavour to collect your child on time at the end of the session. We understand that on occasions you may be unavoidably delayed. If for any reason you are delayed, please telephone the facility (see the contact telephone provided) as soon as possible. Please note that a charge may be imposed for frequent late collection.

Where to drop-off and collect?

Drop off and collection will be at the main reception of each facility or at the entrance to the designated activity area. If you’re unsure, please ask a member of staff.

I have another question, who and how do I ask?

You can ask your question via email by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ link on superactivecamps.org. We will endeavour to respond as soon as possible. You may also call each individual facility directly using the details on each page.

What takes place on an average day at a camp?

We will plan and provide activities to help develop children’s capabilities and which are appropriate to their ages and interests. In addition, we will endeavour to balance activities to reflect the gender and ethnicity/culture of the children through the activities provided. The format of the planned activities may be changed during the programme to suit the children attending and any feedback received. Coaches will ensure that appropriate breaks are taken to allow the group to have a rink of water and to break for lunch at an appropriate time if the camp runs throughout the day.

What should my child wear?

Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the activities. If you’re unsure, please contact the appropriate facility to confirm in advance of your session. You are requested not to allow your child to bring valuables, toys and other items such as mobile phones to the activity programme as we are unable to accept responsibility for damage to or loss of these items.

Will the necessary equipment be provided?

Unless specified up front, all necessary equipment to participate in and enjoy an activity or session will be provided by each facility.

Tell me about the safety & security?

We will ensure the safety of facilities and activities used for the holiday activity programme. You will be notified in the event of any accident or emergency. Our activities will be confined to inside the facility unless advised in advance (such as Mountain Biking or sessions at Platt Fields Outdoor BMX Track for example). Your child will be supervised at all times. We have procedures in place that will be implemented in the event that a child is lost or your child is not collected.

What medical support do you have on-site?

Our staff are trained to administer first aid in the event that treatment is required. As part of the registration process, you will be asked to sign to state that you consent to emergency treatment being administered, if needed.

Please advise the activity supervisor or a member of staff in advance if your child needs to take any medication during the activities and ensure that you bring this medication with you in a bag that is clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Should your child become ill whilst attending the programme, you will be contacted using the emergency contact details provided. It is therefore very important that you give us appropriate emergency contact details registration forms, signing in sheets etc. Please keep your child at home for at least 24 hours if he/she has an infection, been sick or had a temperature.

For extended sessions and day bookings, what’s the arrangement for food & drink?

You are welcome to provide a packed lunch for the children which should be labelled with the child’s name. Alternatively, food and drink will be available at a cost from the café (where available) and vending machines. Please ensure your child has sufficient non-fizzy drinks to keep them hydrated. For camps where a breakfast club is offered, please see What’s On? on each individual facility page for full details of the food provided.

Can you accommodate a child with special needs on the sessions / camps?

The Trust are committed to running fully integrated initiatives and to increase the opportunities available for children with special needs or disabilities in the community.

Children with special educational needs or disabilities will be welcomed and encouraged to integrate into mainstream activities whenever possible in order to promote their welfare and development. Children with special educational needs or disabilities are assessed and every effort will be made to accommodate their needs. We will consult with parents / carers as necessary in order that particular requirements for equipment or care may be determined.

How do I make a complaint?

The Trust are committed to high standards of care for children attending holiday activity programmes across our facilities.

However, there may be times you feel that you would like to comment about the standards or quality of service you or your child receive at the facility. You may do this by the following:
• Speaking to one of the holiday activity staff
• Speaking to an activity supervisor (if appropriate)
• Speaking to the Duty Manager
• Filling in one of our “Customer Comments” Forms
• Contacting the Facility Manager
• Contacting us via email vie the Contact Us section of superactivecamps.org
All written complaints, including those received on the Customer Comments forms will be responded to appropriately.

Will any photography or filming take place at any of the activities or camps?

Supervised photographs / videos may be taken for promotional purposes. A section is included on the camp registration forms to tick should you not wish your child to be included in any photography/videography. It is advisable that you also inform a member of the team if you do not consent for your child’s photograph/video being taken.

What information will you hold about my child attending the session / camp?

You are entitled to see any records we hold in relation to your child. For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, Eastlands Trust is Data Controller of the information you have provided on your registration / booking forms. References to “we”, “us” and “our” are to Eastlands Trust. Our holiday activities are supported by Manchester City Council and other carefully selected partners. In order for Manchester City Council and our partner to monitor usage of this programme, we may need to disclose the information you have provided on any booking or registration forms to them. By signing the booking or registration forms, you agree to us disclosing such information to these partners.